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Erin I. The American hero had just seized the French village of Kaskaskia from the British and now turned his sights on Vincennes. Clark appealed to the local French habitants for help.

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French women american men

Clair County. A final alternative to marriage was entering a convent, although beforethis required leaving the Illinois Country altogether. There, formal instruction included the study of languages, mathematics, history, poetry, art, music, and even some simple philosophy.

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To develop this lesson frenchh, it would be useful to incorporate visual images. Through letter writing, mutual aid, visiting, and orchestrating societal functions women allowed extended family relations to flourish. Consequently, a young French woman faced a wide variety of men, not always desirable, from which to choose. Some wealthier women took up philanthropic activities, acting as benefactors for orphanages or religious schools.

French women american men

Louis in the early s. Most French women married into multi-family households, which were common on the Illinois frontier where death often claimed spouses and 18 Pierre Menard Frencb remarriage was a necessity for survival.

French women american men

The narrative challenges students to broaden their ways of measuring participation to include those deated "female. The exercises in Activity One measure reading comprehension. This system protected women from her husband's financial carelessness. The role of French women in post-Colonial Illinois plays out in small sentences like this.

This line of questioning allows them to draw on popular images of the French in the Americas to appear as a backdrop for the French settlements in the Illinois Country. A further job of women was "kin keeping" or "kin work.

French women american men

Moreover, the successful match of the first daughter aled to the world that the family was up and coming. Daily chores were endless, and even wealthy women found themselves overseeing the kitchen and gardens, ordering supplies for the home, planning menus, directing cleaning, refurbishing or decorating, sewing and repairing garments, and supervising the family slaves.

There are very few studies on the women living in the area known as the Illinois Country between the years andthe year Illinois achieved statehood. Beyond the focus on French views, the data also offers a comparison with British, German and American public opinion on this subject. A third possibility that also makes use of State of Illinois web resources is an inquiry into French legal codes, which are described in the narrative portion of the article.

With the encouragement of Kaskaskia's women, he had no trouble in finding male recruits eager to him on his journey.

French women american men

By providing social, emotional and even medical support to their kin, these women constructed and maintained the family ties upon which nearly all business and political pursuits were based in post-colonial Illinois. Indeed, as the nineteenth century progressed, love, as a requirement for marriage, increased in importance. Extant french women american men between couples often reveal much affection and tenderness between husbands and wives. In general, a woman's role in society was much more limited than that of a man's.

There are several videos in this particular series; each video runs about ten minutes in length and is accessed over the web for use in the classroom. At the same time, large families could bring conflict, living as they did in cramped quarters where both space and privacy was at a premium. In Activity Two, students will use a State of Illinois website to generate a chart, which they will then analyze through a series of questions.

These laws held that upon the death of her spouse, a woman retained one-third of her 20 husband's real property and one-third of his personal property. Thus, ambitious newcomers to the Illinois country found the fastest way to ingratiate themselves with the local French elite was to marry their daughters. Since marriage was considered the societal norm, there were very few other options for women in early Illinois.

Pregnancy and childbirth were life-threatening endeavors. Alzire Menard married George Hancock Kennerly, a close relation to William Clark, the famous explorer, whose political ties helped further her father's business interests.

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Americans saw this French society, so similar to gentility ammerican in the East, as a place to begin advancing their own political, economic, and social agendas. Usually daughters were married off in order from eldest to youngest. Yet having large families posed a ificant risk to women. How well might a husband provide for her?

ftench Gemme de Bauvais, also hailed from a prominent well-established family. You will need to think of several reasons to convince Marie to accept your position.

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French women, in their roles as mothers, daughters, and wives, were crucial players in the development and maintenance of these family networks. Marrying into these French families gave a boost to newcomers and at the same time allowed the old French families to maintain their place in the powerful circles of a new American government. A set of French laws, called the Custom of Womenn, governed marriage contracts and inheritance in the Illinois Country long after the United States took control.

The Weinstein scandal and its consequences have also generated a great deal of emphasis on gender issues in the public arena. French settlers had come to the Illinois Country in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, migrating south amerlcan Canada and north, via the Mississippi River, from lower Louisiana. In addition to raising numerous children, most women spent their time running americam households.

French women american men

Thanks, in part, to the women of Kaskaskia, Clark emerged victorious once again. Through trade and intermarriage, the French cultivated effective working relationships with native tribes. To the students: When you think of the French in North America, what image comes to mind? The topic of African-American slavery in the Illinois Country rfench a second possibility especially since there are several good State of Illinois web sites to consult for resources.

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While the interests of wives, sisters, frencu daughters were often protected, rarely were they given actual control over land because this land would become the property of her spouse who might squander it away or allow it to pass out of the family's bloodline. If the students read the narrative on their own, it would be useful to open the lesson by asking the students to help create a profile on the chalkboard for the French women in the narrative.

Her father, Jean-Baptiste Barbau had served as the first judge of St. This marriage put him in the center of a ruling French elite, and what better place to be for a young entrepreneur like Menard? In Nicholas Jarrot married Julie St.